I am currently the sole owner of Amyth SHINDE PHOTOGRAPHY as well TEAM AMYTH PRODUCTIONS . I live in the same town I grew up in and I love being where my roots are. I first fell in love with photography in high school where I learned how to develop film and make my own prints in the darkroom . Although my camera has changed over the years it has always been my most prized possession. I love being able to capture the beauty I see in everything I choose to photograph. After my first Shoot was 2015 Wedding my passion was. Shortly after, Amyth shinde photography was created. It has been 7 years since then and my work has come so far. I am proud to now offer the upmost in quality and I hope that you will see that through my work. I would describe my work as simple, natural and timeless. I aim to create images you will cherish for many years to come. I would be honored to capture part of your Wedding story.